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Monday, July 10, 2006

'Back' In Style: Justin Timberlake Mixes Funk, Rock On New Single

"I'm bringing sexy back," Justin Timberlake boasts on his new single, "SexyBack." And Justin's back too.

After nearly four years since the release of his debut solo album, Justified, the singer has new music to share -- though you might not recognize it as his.

"It's been awhile since the last record," Timberlake told MTV News in Paris on Thursday (July 6). "And I just wanted to try something new."

Timberlake worked with Rick Rubin and Will.I.Am forFutureSex/LoveSounds, but it wasn't until he hooked up with producer Timbaland that he figured out the direction he wanted the record to take

"I sort of had an idea in mind where I wanted to go," he said, "and it turned out that I went completely left of that. But that's what music should do."

In "SexyBack," going "left" meant going more rock -- not in how he constructed the song, but in how he sang it.

"I wanted to sing the song like a rock and roll singer, not an R&B singer," he said. "That's the approach." Read more...


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