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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Want To Wake Up With Beyonce? Revealing Photo Spread Takes You Inside Her Morning

The recording of Beyoncé's upcoming B'Day album was kept a secret, even from the singer's father/manager.

B makes the revelation in the new issue of Giant magazine, hitting newsstands Monday.

"I don't mind pressure," the former Destiny's Child leading lady told writer Scott Poulson-Bryant. "I'm very good under pressure. But I wanna put myself under pressure, not be pressured by someone else, or else I'm angry and it blocks my creativity. ... That's why I didn't tell anyone about this album."

According to Beyoncé, the only people who knew she was back in the studio (she was supposed to be vacationing) were her A&R guy and the producers she summoned into different rooms under the same roof: Rich Harrison, Swizz Beatz and Rodney Jerkins.

"I'd go to another one and say, 'Rich got some fire, you gotta come with it, man,' " recalled Beyoncé, who recorded three tracks a day for two weeks. "It was magical. We'd just write a chorus or a verse and go into the next room and work on it. Everyone was excited to be here, just being creative. It didn't have any of that negative competition. And I was very conscious of my budget. I paid for it all myself, so I spent the least money on this project than any I've ever spent on a record, Destiny's Child included."

Along with revealing details of B'Day, the Giant cover story, titled "If I Was Your Girlfriend," also comes complete with a rather revealing photo spread courtesy of Ellen Von Unwerth, who recently shot Christina Aguilera's new album cover.

The concept is to give viewers a chance to see what it might look like if you woke up in the morning with Beyoncé on your bed and watched her get ready for the day. Pics show the singer in a sexy negligee, in the shower (complete with shower cap), and doing her hair (with curlers) and makeup.


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