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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

MTV This Month's Artist: Paris Hilton

Debutante, Actress, Heiress, Socialite, Model, Author.

Meretricious home videos aside, one cannot deny the amount of hard work Paris Hilton has put in to ensure her meteoric rise as a pop culture icon. Dabbling in fashion, reality television, commercials, books and fragrances, the multi-hyphenate arose from the ashes of ignominy to become one of the most industrious celebrities today.

Paris can now add singer to her expansive curriculum vitae. An album was in the works for the assiduous celebutante since 2004, where the original concept was geared towards a more guitar-driven pop/rock direction, a Go-Go's meets Blondie clash of sounds. But after a meeting with uber-producer Scott Storch last May, a new rhythmic direction was paved for her self-titled debut album, Paris.

The album features a number of hip-hop artists like Fat Joe and Jadakiss, but Paris was the true star here, and they wanted a specific reggae-flavoured track catered just for Paris, to highlight her playful sexy vocals and put the spotlight back on her. The result is the infectious first single "Stars Are Blind." This debut album is a highly personal piece for the blonde chanteuse, where she sings about the cataclysm of a very close friendship, wrecked to ruins due to envy, jealousy and betrayal. "Screwed" will be the third single planned for release after "Stars" and "Turn It Up."

With banging beats, sexy lyrics and infectious melodies, Paris is all set to entertain her legion of fans and quite possibly gain new ones as well.


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