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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Quick Cuts - Mary J Blige Sued, Liam Gallagher Strikes Again, and More!

By News Desk

Liam Gallagher Strikes Again

Seems like Noel Gallagher's trouble with other stars isn't stopping brother Liam Gallagher from lashing out at others as well.

This time, the Oasis frontman apparently called Radiohead and Coldplay fans "ugly and boring." He added that he doesn't hate the bands but thinks their fans do not look like they're have a good time.

We wonder when will be enough for the Gallagher brothers.

Jay-Z slams Noel Gallagher

After Noel Gallagher's widely publicized diss at Jay-Z's Glastonbury performance, Jigga strikes back in his new song.

Hova performed the new track from his upcoming album Blueprint 3 at Kanye West's concert recently. In the song, he aims straight at Noel Gallagher and mocks Oasis song "Wonderwall."

Both Kanye and Timbaland are rumoured to be producing Jay-Z's upcoming album.

Steven Tyler's Memoir

Aerosmith frontman, Steven Tyler, is working on a memoir, and according to the man himself, the book is going to rock.

The legendary rocker said that he has so many outrageous stories, and he is going to tell them all in his as-yet untitled memoir. The book will contain all the in-your-face, up-close and unbridled truth.

The memoir is set to be released in 2009.

Mary J Blige Sued Over Copyright

Following Lil Wayne and Coldplay, Mary J Blige is now also being accused of copying music.

The Grammy winner is being sued for $2 million US dollars by a US production company, who said that she stole their music. The company claims they own the copyright to her track "Work that."

The track is featured on her number one selling album Growing pains.



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